Benjamin Tollet

world music & cultures :: journalist, radiomaker & DJ

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As a Brussels-based music journalist, global grooves activist, radiomaker and DJ, I’ve been specializing in music from around the globe since 2005 for several Belgian and Dutch newspapers and magazines. I’ve got a clear penchant for African music – from the mother continent and the Diaspora – and for world fusion/crossover.

I write about world music & cultures, always looking for artists who have interesting things to say. That’s why afrobeat is my favorite music: it’s outspoken and very danceable.
I like to call myself a mestizo (half-breed) having a Flemish mother and French-speaking father from Brussels, making me a half-Nordic, half-Latin hybrid.

My weekly program Radio Mukambo immerses you in global grooves and the pulsation of our cities where sounds get mixed up to create world fusion without borders. Afrobeat, Brazil, ethiogrooves, Afro-Latin, reggae, música mestiza, arabesque, global hiphop… Podcasts in English & French.

I never really planned to become a DJ, but via music journalism and my weekly podcast, the calls for DJ-sets kept coming in. As DJ Mukambo, I Africanize and groovalize nightlife with global grooves that will make y’all dance the whole nite round! I almost exclusively plays new music, no classics from the seventies but brand-new grooves from the four corners of the earth that are being made today, music that is alive and kicking! I'm addicted to afrobeat but can also make the dancefloor shake to a selection of Brazilian vibes, Ethiogrooves or global reggae, or a mix of it all: Global Grooves from the Urb'n'Jungle!

Mukambo has his own parties in Brussels, Festa Mukambo at Bazaar (Marolles). Before that, he was resident DJ of Groovalicious, monthly global groove parties in Brussels. In June 2017 he has launched a new concert series at VK Concerts in Brussels to bring afrobeat, ethiojazz, Afro-Latin, Afro-Brazilian and other groove-based music from Africa and the diaspora to this fine club in Molenbeek.