19/06 Festival Jam'in Jette, Guinguette Fabiola, Parc Roi Baudoin, Brussels (BE) 

19/06 Fête de la Musique, CCM – Centre Communautaire Maritime, Brussels (BE) 

25/08 afriQUEbom Festa Africa-Brasil, Ai Que Bom, See U, Brussels (BE) 

11/09 Copacobana Festival, Ghent (BE) 

19/09 Car Free Sunday, CCM – Centre Communautaire Maritime, Brussels (BE) 

09/10 Nacht van de Fair Trade, 30CC, Leuven (BE)

19/11 Mukambo presents Global Afrobeat Movement vol. 2 w/Fresh Nunas, Café des Halles (Halles Saint-Géry), Brussels (BE) 



Africanizing and groovalizin' nightlife with global grooves from the Urb'n'Jungle: afrobeat, ethiogrooves, Afro-Latin & Afro-Brazilian, Lusafrican, soukouss, arabesque, reggae/dub/dancehall and hip-hop with an ethnic/regional flavor.

A mocambo or quilombo was a refuge in the forest for liberated slaves in colonial Brazil. My Mukambo is the asylum for those who want to escape from the pop/rock/electro dictatorship, a place where you can dance to grooves from all around the world.

Come & join Mukambistan, the People's Republik of Groove!

I In August 2017, Mukambo has launched his own parties in Brussels, Groove Kilombo at Collectif AuQuai (Molenbeek) and now back in La Tricoterie (Saint-Gilles). Before that, he was resident DJ of Groovalicious, monthly global groove parties in Brussels, from March 2013 to June 2017.

Mukambo has also launched a new concert series at VK Concerts in Brussels to bring afrobeat, ethiojazz, Afro-Latin, Afro-Brazilian and other groove-based music from Africa and the diaspora to this fine club in Molenbeek. Each session features live bands followed by an after-party with DJ Mukambo.

DJ Mukambo has been groovalizing Brussels nightlife since 2011 at several clubs (Ancienne Belgique, Botanique, Vk*, Maison du Peuple, La Tentation, Magic Mirrors, Madame Moustache, La Tricoterie), bars (Bonnefooi, Cercle des Voyageurs, Maison du Peuple, Zebra, Floréo, Bar Eliza) & cultural centres (De Pianofabriek, Elzenhof, L'Entrela). In Antwerp (De Roma, ccBe) & Ghent (Democrazy, Vooruit, De Centrale, Bij De Vieze Gasten).

He has performed at several Belgian festivals including Sfinks Mixed (Antwerp), Afro-Latino (Bree), Festial des Libertés (Brussels), Molendanse (Brussels), Afro C festival (Bredene), BorgerRio (Antwerp), International Day of Peace (Brussels), Recyclart Holidays (Brussels), Jam'in Jette (Brussels), Wereldfeest Leuven, Vijverfestival (Dilbeek), Manifiesta (Bredene), Fiesta Mundial (Balen), Mekitburn (Vilvoorde), Ekkergems Pleinfeest (Ghent) and is expanding his horizons to Paris (La Dame de Canton, Alimentation Générale, Macumba), Lisbon (Titanic Sur Mer, Largo Residências, Chapitô, Sagrada Familia), Rome (ESC, Sans Papiers), Barcelona (Barts Club), to Brazil (Festa Bafafá & La Tabaquera in São Paolo, Circo Voador, Festa Hijinx, Black Santa & La Paz Club in Rio de Janeiro, Baile Crokant in Salvador, Festa Criolina in Brasilia, Baile Tropical in Recife, Nervosa in Campinas, Vitrolada & Futuráfrica in Santos, Summertime in João Pessoa) & even to Congo (Palm Beach, Kinshasa).


Latest DJ Mukambo's Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

18/08 opening pump track Ride Your Future, in front of Greenbizz, Brussels (BE)