GroovaliciousGroovalicious is a new party concept in Brussels dedicated to urban roots & global grooves. The driving forces behind Groovalicious are Mukambo and Bruselo. They have been playing and promoting urban grooves for some years now.

Considering that global groove parties are missing in the town, they decided to launch Groovalicious. A monthly party with the most danceable urban grooves ranging from afrobeat, ethiogrooves, Latin and Balkan to Brazilian sounds, hiphop, dancehall & jungle.

Groovalicious is ready to groovalize Brussels with delicious grooves from all over the world!



20/05/2017 w/DJ The Rebel (Roma) & Rokia Bamba, La Tricoterie
23/06/2017 La Tricoterie


22/04/2017 w/AkizzBeatzz (Athens), MikiGold (Supafly), La Tricoterie
10/03/2017 La Tricoterie w/Kota Sound System (PT) & Rokia Bamba (Mali)
04/2/2017 La Tricoterie La Tricoterie Festival w/ Gan Gah & Fatoosan
31/12/2016 La Tricoterie, New Year's Eve w/DJ Kisa
26/11/2016 La Tricoterie w/ Renegades of Jazz
19/11/2016 Trefpunt, Gent
29/10/2016 KVS Felabration with Afrodisiac Afrobeat
24/09/2016 Halles de Schaerbeek w/El Matanzas
17/09/2016 Groovalicious DJ's at Manifiesta (Bredene)
03/07/2016 Groovalicious DJ's at Couleur Café (Bxl)
25/06/2016 La Tricoterie w/Rocky Marsiano
20/05/2016 La Tricoterie w/DJ Polyesta
29/04/2016 KVS w/MPS Pilot
02/04/2016 La Tricoterie w/DJ dbh & Fatouch
04/03/2016 @ La Tricoterie w/ Celeste/Mariposa
06/02/2016 @ KVS
31/12/2015 @ La Tricoterie New Year’s Party w/ MogaDisco (UK), DJ Kisa (ES) & Bruselo
23/10/2015 Felabration w/ DJ Floro (ES), Fatouch, Mukambo & Bruselo
19/09/2015 w/ UMOJA (NL), Conscious BE, Bruselo
19/06/2015 w/ Maga Bo (USA, Brazil)
16/05/2015 w/ DJ Corysco (Festa Hijinx, Brazil)
17/04/2015 w/ Fatoosan & MikiGold (SupaFly
14/03/2015 w/ Rocky Marsiano (Lusophone sounds) Album 1, Album 2
06/02/2015 w/Selector Matanzas & Jo Selector
22/11/2014 w/ Jo Selector (Venezuela)
24/10/2014 Felabration
20/09/2014 Groovalicious DJ's @ International Day of Peace (La Tentation, Bxl)
19/09/2014 Groovalicious DJ's @ Manifiesta (Bredene)
13/09/2014 w/ DJ Chico Correa (Brazil)
05/07/2014 w/ DJ Tudo (Brazil)
14/06/2014 w/ DJ d.b.h (Restless Leg Syndrome)
16/05/2014 w/ DJ Mellow (Don Fiasko/Lowup)
19/04/2014 w/ Selecta Nata M'Baye (Terrakota)
22/03/2014 w/ DJ Panko (Ojos de Brujo)
08/02/2014 w/ Selector Matanzas (Radio Chango)
23/11/2013 w/ Fatoosan & MikiGold  (SupAfly Collective)
25/10/2013 w/ Selector Matanzas (Radio Chango)
27/09/2013 Album 1 Album 2
06/07/2013 w/ Jo Selector
30/03/2013 w/ DJ Tudo


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